Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bed mattress with dimension

 Bed mattress with dimension

Bed mattress’s dimension are following. What are bed mattress dimension details? The bed mattress may called some different sizes and different weights the details are following,

•    Weight may 4KG and more,
•    4 inch Thick,    44 inch Wide, 75 inch Length
•    4 inch Thick,    48 inch Wide, 75 inch Length
•    4 inch Thick,    60 inch Wide,  75 inch Length
•    4 inch Thick,    72 inch Wide,  75 inch Length.
•    Color may Brown, red and more colors.

How , some of people will call about bed mattress. Here people will call or ask bed mattress like this “cot, bed cot, single cot, 5 feet ded, bed room cot, cotton cot, bed mattress, cot mattress, wooden cot bed mattress, high bed mattress, high cot” . so a cot means, a bed in some where location and Erode Steel Furniture can understand buyer’s need.

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